Auto Accidents and Personal Injury Patients

auto accident

Have you just been injured in an auto accident? Have you been injured while at work?

Whether you are looking for relief from a concussion, whiplash, headaches or bodily pain caused by either auto accidents or a personal injury, we can help.

The combination of chiropractic care and massage therapy are an outstanding choice of treatment for soft tissue and spine related injuries. The most common ailments found in auto accidents and personal injury cases tend to be sprains and strains of the spinal muscles and ligaments, which makes our treatment the primary choice. We will work with your insurance company to ensure that you get the care that you need.

What o do right after an auto accident:

  • Safety First! If the accident is minor and you are able to, move the automobile to a safe place. Make sure to turn off your engine and place hazard cones if need be.
  • Check yourself and others for injuries and call an ambulance if required.
  • Call the police – the accident report that they provide is critical to your case
  • Start to collect the following information:
    • Names of drivers and passengers
    • Make, model, year and license plate numbers of all cars involved
    • Driver’s license and insurance company information including the policy number
    • If there were eye witnesses, make sure to get their names and contact info
    • Have a camera phone or camera? Be sure to take photos of the of the vehicles and surrounding scene
    • File a claim with your insurance company – do this as soon as possible

 What to do right after a work injury:

  • Seek first-aid or other medical treatment as soon as possible.
  • Inform your supervisor of the incident (what occurred and when it occurred) in a timely manner. If not completed within 30 days of work injury, you may lose the right to a worker’s compensation claim.
  • Fill out worker’s compensation paperwork.
  • Get copies of everything and start a folder to keep all of your information together.


Auto Accidents and Personal Injury Treatment at Post Rehab Solutions:

Please contact us as soon as possible for a thorough examination. Many times, injuries caused from an accident may not appear for weeks or months afterwards. If the injuries are not treated in a timely manner, it may negate your ability to associate your symptoms to the trauma.

To best facilitate your case please bring the following:

  • Police report
  • Medical reports if you went to the hospital and/or a medical professional
  • Information from your case:
    • Name of the insurance carrier that will be billed
    • Adjuster’s name and contact info that has been assigned to the case
    • Claim number that has been given to your case

Have questions? Need to schedule an appointment? Please feel free to call the office at 815-254-1234 or use the Contact Us form on the website to visit us at our Plainfield, IL office.



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