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 PRS is now a seller of CBD products
–Check back for our Shop section with detailed information on these products as well as others!

We currently carry the following brands:

  • Charlotte’s Web (Tinctures and Vape Pens)
  • Ananda Hemp ***NEW***
  • Re-Live Everyday (Gummies, Tinctures, and Lip Balm)
  • CBD Clinic and CBD Med (Lotions and Ointments)
  • Koi (Tinctures)

Chiropractor & Physical Therapy in Plainfield

Welcome to a new kind of Care Center. One designed to bring your treatment and care that drives your health, life, and well-being towards one goal: that place where you feel and live your best. This website and our facility were created to open the door to those possibilities and the solutions to get you there. Browse through our menus and options, learn about our clinic, ask questions, make an appointment, the answers on this site are your first steps.

It’s about bringing it all together.

That’s not just a philosophy, it’s a physical, psychological and practical reality here. Post Rehab Solutions has taken innovative practitioners from multiple disciplines of health and wellness and fused them together into a team practice where your care is not only extended, it reaches solutions to make you feel and live your best. If you are interested, browse through the options and practices here. Choose the ones that interest you in reaching your health and fitness potential. We’ve brought them together simply to give you the best choices for your total wellness plan.

Our Location: 12624 S. Route 59 Unit 2 Plainfield, IL 60585 Phone: 815-254-1234 Fax: 815-254-2020

Our Location

12624 S. Route 59 Unit 2 Plainfield, IL 60585